Laundry of Sorrows

Date: 1982
Materials: Single screen projection
Dimensions: Projection ratio 19:6. Duration 10:06'
Exhibition history: 2008 Galleria Continua - Les Moulins, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The war over the Islas Malvinas directly resulted from the military dictatorship of a decadent and weakened Argentina. The disappearance of thousands of citizens during the period 1976-1983, was further augmented because of the irresponsible acts of the military commander Galtieri. Seeking to distract the Argentine population from his failing rule, he claimed the return of the island to Argentina by military force. As the General Belgrano warship sank, so too did the entire country with it.
History repeats itself with the millions of refugees struggling along the routes of exile, over walls and borders provoked by more wars and dictatorships, as well as famine, humanitarian and natural disasters. Infinite personal lives are waiting to wipe clean and re-cleanse their realities, in the hope of a new future. Personal stories too hard to bear, are washed and washed again, again and again, until they finally discolour. A purification of the past to reveal a new identity.

Laundry of Sorrows was imagined in 1982, in reaction to the political regime of the military junta in Argentina. It was finally performed and filmed over several days in the Moulin de Boissy at the Galleria Continua Les Moulins, in 2008.

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