Studio Orta - Diversity United | Berlin

Diversity United | Berlin

09 June 2021 - 10 October 2021
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany
Group Exhibition

The large-scale transnational exhibition Diversity United, shows the contemporary vitality and diversity of the contemporary European art scene since the fall of the Iron Curtain and underlines the importance of intercultural dialogue in times of political uncertainties. Over 200 artworks by artists across 30 countries explore topics about freedom, dignity, democracy and respect and reflect on historically relevant and current issues, such as political and personal identity, gender and equality, nationality and territoriality, geopolitical and social conflict.

For Diversity United, Lucy + Jorge Orta will present the Antarctica World Passport Office along with the 6th edition of Antarctica World Passport, printed in four languages: Russian, German, French, English (15,000ed). From June 01, 500 artist signed copies will be available to purchase through the Studio Orta bookshop.

Diversity United is curated by the consortium of international curators, including Walter Smerling, Simone Baker, Faina Balakovskaya, Kay Heymer, Pontus Kyander, Camille Morineau, Johanna Neuschäffer & Anne Schwanz, Hilke Wagner and Peter Weibel. The exhibition's first stop is Berlin, across two hangers of the former Tempelhof airport and tours to Moscow’s New Tretyakov Gallery (November 23, 2021 - March 9, 2022), and to Palais de Tokyo in Paris (Spring 2022).