Derrame [Accident] 1977

Studio Orta - 0.1977_10_10

Date: 1977 - 2015
Matériaux: acrylic on paper
Dimensions: Installation
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The word ‘derrame’ in Spanish is charged with multiply significations: a leak (escape, loss), a spill over (waste), an outpouring (effusion). It is all of these meanings that Jorge Orta wishes to infuse into these intense paintings –at the origin of the abstract gesture is an accidental moment that produces the varying states of pigment fusion– the accident being the essential composition and subject matter of the painting.

The origin of the series dates back to 1977, a traumatic period of social and political unrest in Argentina; the military Junta had toppled the Perón government a year earlier, and was marked among many other things, by a total censorship of culture and the first demonstration by the mothers of the children who had disappeared, in the Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires.

During the Rosario period from 1972-1984 Orta’s work underwent an intense period of questioning. Parallel to his collective work and performances, painting became an emotional act of frustration and even revolt, formalized in the series La Fregona and Derrame. The paintings epitomise a society going out of control.