Cloud | Meteoros Lille

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Date: 2015
Ref: 6102
Matériaux: Résine, peinture epoxy, aluminium
Dimensions: 280 x 180cm chaque
Exhibition history: 2015 Renaissance, Gare Lille Flandres, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

A suspended meeting place, the sky is the agora of our imagination.

Meteoros is derived from the ancient Greek, meaning ‘in the midst’. Clouds have long been intercessors between reality and the imagination, between heaven and earth, lightness and gravity. They inhabit the skies of Renaissance fresco paintings, often depicted crowded with laymen and prophets, angels and deities. Throughout history, this celestial vault has been a site of conviviality, of learning and exchange.
Clouds | Meteoros are five ethereal clouds that float above the passengers of Lille Flandres railway station in France. The monumental installation Meteoros, originally commissioned for London’s St Pancras International in 2013, has now been completed with a series of cumulus carrying three winged cherubs.