Fabulae Romanae

Date: 2012
Matériaux: High definition video projection
Dimensions: Projection ratio 16:19 (600 x 340cm). Duration 29'
Catalogued: Fabulae Romanae, ed. ZegnaArt, Marsilio, 2012
Exhibition history: 2012 MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts Rome, Italy
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta and ZegnaArt

Fabulae Romanae depicts a symbolic excursus across the city of Rome through the eyes of ten ethereal spirits who draw from archaeological and historical research, and personal observations on the cultural and social map of the city. As the scenario unfolds, the characters silently take over the city of Rome. 
We encounter the Traveler laden down by an accumulation of baggage under the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge and again in the back streets of Trastevere, the former Jewish quarter; the Observer overlooks the panorama of the Sacro Cuore dei Monti and the river banks of the Isola Tiberina; the Tunneler and the Myth Maker are to be found in the grounds of the Roman villa Gregoriana; other mythic characters include, the Flying Man, a Chariot Rider, the Memory Man, and a Bale Maker. Their overlapping fables are narrated through poetic verse in English and Italian written by Mario Petrucci, and commissioned by the artists specifically for the film.