Milk Vitrine

Studio Orta - 0668

Date: 2015
Ref: 0668
Matériaux: Steel structure, cast and lacquered aluminium, lacquered glass, copper, brass tap, wheels
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 52cm
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

Milk was initially inspired by the poignant advertising campaigns “Vaso de Leche”, which targeted undernourished children in Peru in the early 1990's, yet the work refers to a wider set of health issues. Over the years, Lucy + Jorge Orta have observed how people all over the world deal with milk as a staple of nutritional health in many diets. The cast aluminium jugs, bottles, packages and cartons no longer hold any milk, nor are they marked with significant texts or images. Rather, they are stripped of all marketing, revealing an aesthetic beauty born of functional design. Milk pays tribute to its container, a seemingly insignificant and neutral object for an essential nutrient.