Studio Orta - 70 x7 The Meal Act XXXII

70 x7 The Meal Act XXXII

20 juin 2011
MAXXI Museo della Art del XXI Secolo, Rome, Event

Lucy + Jorge Orta’s 70 x 7 The Meal, takes its starting point with a multiplication game designed to stimulate conviviality and communication. The work sets up encounters between multiples of seven guests at a potentially endless series of meals. The 70 x 7 The Meal series is an excellent example of a new form of interactive work in which the artist develops a proactive practice in order to encourage direct experiential engagement and communication between the artwork and different audiences.

For 70 x7 The Meal Act XXXII at MAXXI museum in Rome, Lucy + Jorge Orta have been invited by Umberto Veronesi Foundation for its annual charity gala dinner to reflect on the healthy diet which is not only the companion of well-being, but also the new frontier of medicine in the field of prevention.

The artists have designed especially for this convivial occasion two series of limited edition Royal Limoges porcelain plates inspired by vegetables and fruits, at the base of our well-being.
By bringing people together around a table to reflect on and discuss one of the most urgent needs of our society, Lucy + Jorge Orta create a public awareness and contribute to the scientific research. The funds raised at the gala dinner will be used to support young doctors and researchers.
Once more, as the artists use to say, art can be a catalyst for a social transformation.

Umberto Veronesi Foundation was established in 2003 to support the scientific research, through the assignment of research Grant for doctors and researchers, and also to sustain some high profile projects.