Studio Orta - Clouds | Nuages - Lucy + Jorge Orta

Clouds | Nuages - Lucy + Jorge Orta

17 septembre 2011 - 10 décembre 2011
La Maréchalerie – centre d’art contemporain | Ensa-v, Solo Exhibition

The new body of work Clouds | Nuages is co-commissioned by Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles énsa-v and La Maréchalerie for an exhibition in the contemporary arts centre and the Galerie des Moulages of the Louvre museum in Versailles.

Clouds | Nuages draws from the artists previous research on issues effecting our environment, in particular the theme of water. Leading from their project OrtaWater, the artworks pose questions about the scarcity of this natural resource, the exploitation, purification and the distribution networks. The recycling communities in Cairo inspire the artists as well as the lifespan of the water bottle that gradually disintegrates to create the enormous floating islands in our Oceans. In Versailles, these environmental threats radiate with an unexpected lightness and hedonism. Waste materials undergo metamorphosis. Technological processes, exuberant metallic colours and Baroque shapes confront us with a bright and optimistic world.

La Maréchalerie - centre d’art contemporain | énsa-v
5, avenue de Sceaux, 78 000 Versailles, France