Studio Orta - Antarctica


03 septembre 2011 - 29 octobre 2011
galerieofmarseille, Solo Exhibition

For their first solo exhibition at galerieofmarseille, the artists present a series of work from the Antarctica project.
Antarctica embodies the hope for a neutral peaceful land, free of conflict. Dome Dwelling, Drop parachute, Window on the World, as well as preparatory drawings are some of the emblematic artworks referring to the right of freedom of movement exhibited alongside the Antarctica World Passport - Delivery Bureau.

The Antarctica World Passport proposes an amendment to Article 13 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Art. 13 :3 “Every human being has the right to move freely and cross frontiers to their chosen territory. Individuals should not be deemed of an inferior status to that of capital, trade, telecommunication and pollution, all of which have no boundaries".

Passports are distributed during the exhibition to new citizens wishing to join the online community developed by MIT at