Date: 2008
Materials: Single screen video projection (original format HDV). Edition two of seven
Dimensions: Projection ratio 16:9. Duration 15'40''
Exhibition history: 2010 Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France; 2009 Hauger Art Gallery, Norway; Le Forum Blanc Mesnil, France; 2008 Hangar Bicocca, Milan, Italy
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The film depicts the artists incredible expedition to the Antarctic peninsula (February-March 2007), where they installed the Antarctic Village under the most extreme conditions, aided by scientists stationed at the Marambio Antarctic Base.

The Antarctic Village is an ephemeral encampment that references the plight of those struggling to transverse borders and to gain the freedom of movement necessary to escape conflict or natural disasters. The village is composed of Dome Dwellings, hand-made tents assembled with sections of flags from countries around the world, along with extensions of clothes and gloves symbolising the multiplicity and diversity of people. The flags and fragments of clothes are silkscreen printed with motifs referencing the UN Declaration for Human Rights and an article the artists propose to amend: Art. 13.3

Through the symbolic act of founding the village the artists reflect on the ideology and symbol that Antarctica represents. The Antarctic Treaty, which now counts 50 signatory nations, has preserved Antarctica as an area for scientific research since 1959, the communities common pacific aims are to protect the environment and to encourage international cooperation.
 Antarctica embodies utopia: a continent whose extreme climate imposes mutual aid and solidarity, freedom of research, of sharing, and collaboration for the good of the planet. It is a place where the immaculate whiteness contains all the wishes of humanity to spread a message of hope for future generations.

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