Connector Mobile Village

Date: 2013
Ref: 0712
Materials: Aluminium coated polyester, reversible Solden Lycra, open cell polyurethane, various textiles, silkscreen print, zips
Dimensions: Variable dimension
Exhibition history: 2013 Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou Fibre Triennial, China
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The striking architectural structures imagined by Lucy + Jorge Orta are metaphors of community interaction and changing social relationships.
In Connector Mobile Village we see an interconnected system of individual architecture units, represented by the bivouac, which can be reconfigured into a multitude of new formations. Each bivouac is connected to a linear docking bay and a node axis that build up the complex village structures, capable of serving larger numbers of people and performing different residential, educational and social functions. The nature of these flexible villages allows each individual to exert the freedom of choice, by connecting to or disconnecting from the structure at will. The modular configurations preserve individual identity, while generating a collective settlement composed of personal and collective space.

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