Date: 2019
Materials: Polyurethane, wood, aluminium stretcher-bed bars, life ring, window frame, resin
Dimensions: 230 x 230 cm each
Exhibition history: 2019 Eldorama, Tri-Postal Lille, France. Curated by Jerome Sans
Courtesy: © Lucy + Jorge Orta. Photography Maxime Dufour

On exhbition at the Tri-Postal in Lille for the Eldorama exhibition, four large-format assemblage paintings are set against a dramatic red backdrop. In these works by Lucy + Jorge Orta, the abstract and gestural language of painting is combined with metaphorical objects such as window frames, life buoys, and bottle-clouds that make-up the distintive visual vocabulary of the artists. These powerful assemblages compose a new field of reflection and can be seen as optimistic windows opened onto new worlds; having fled from chaos, exile, displacement, and the possibility of rescue.

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