Amazonia expedition drawing

Studio Orta - 5017_38x28cm_motive.jpg

Date: 2010
Ref: 0.5517
Materials: Pencil, pigment ink, watercolour on Fabriano paper, certificate of Moral Ownership
Dimensions: 28 x 38cm
Courtesy: Private Collection Holland

Amazonia Expedition drawings portray Lucy + Jorge Orta's response to an expedition they undertook to the Amazon rainforest in 2009, accompanying scientists from the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University. The watercolour drawings completed in the artists' Paris-based studio record their impressions of this collaborative experience. Their playful iconography depicts the mutual dependency between humans and nature while speaking of a much greater urgency. The human species, more dependent on nature than nature is on it, will ultimately bring about the decline of our natural world unless we seek change and find solutions to climate change, by placing ourselves within nature and not outside, or superior to it.