Antarctica Flag

Studio Orta - 2101.jpg
Studio Orta - 5110.2100.jpg

Date: 2021 - 2007
Ref: 2101
Materials: Original colour photograph backed on Dibond. Edition of 15 (+ 3 AP)
Dimensions: 96 x 120 cm
Catalogued: p. 120, Lucy + Jorge Orta Food Water Life, Princeton Architecture Press, NY. ISBN 978-1-56898-991-4
Exhibition history: 2022 The Caring Gallery, Paris, France
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

First installed in Antarctica by Lucy + Jorge Orta during their 2007 expedition, the “Antarctica Flag” represents a kaleidoscope of different nations, as if through the filter of a prism, the flag concentrates all the national colours into the sum of light…. All identities coexist, side by side, hand in hand. The edges blend, symbolising belonging to a larger common identity. It could be the flag of a new World Community, to be raised as a supranational emblem of human rights.