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Date: 2016
Ref: 5575
Materials: 31 Murano glass seeds accompanied by a UTM certificate of moral ownership Perpetual Amazonia
Dimensions: 110h x 300 x 300 cm
Exhibition history: 2016 City Art Museum and Gallery, Peterborough, UK
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

The installation Seeds is composed of 31 unique, hand-blown Murano glass seed, which are framed by a collection of intricate watercolour drawings of each species. The ensemble presents a metaphorical seed bank, constituted of hundreds of drawings and objects that magnify their intricate beauty.  

The artists have partaken in two scientific expeditions to the Amazon rainforest, to work alongside scientists and to observe first-hand the diversity and fragility of these environments, now endangered by deforestation and climate change. Prevalent in the artists' body of work 'Amazonia' is the act of preserving varieties that may be threatened with extinction, and the drawings, objects and sculptures bear witness to their engagement.