Untitled Assemblage Diptych [Derrame]

Studio Orta - Assemblage 012
Studio Orta - 0.2016
Studio Orta - 0.2016
Studio Orta - Assemblage 012_detail0
Studio Orta - Assemblage 012_detail5
Studio Orta - Assemblage 012_detail4

Date: 2016
Ref: 012
Materials: Polyurethane, wood, aluminium stretcher-bed bars, life ring, ladder, window frames, recycled water bottles, resin
Dimensions: Diptych 230 x 230 cm each
Exhibition history: 2019 Tripostal, Lille, France; 2017 Galerie Valerie Bach, Brussels, Belgium
Courtesy: Lucy + Jorge Orta

This series of 2D assemblages by Lucy + Jorge Orta originated from the paintings made by Jorge Orta while he was still living in Rosario (1972-1984) under the dictatorship in Argentina. In this traumatic period of social and political unrest, his painting became a conceptual political act.
Here, the paintings on a wooden surface are combined with metaphorical objects that are part of the artists’  visual vocabulary —window frames, ladders, life rings, clouds, aluminium supports— like an assemblage that composes a new field of reflection with different levels of interpretation. These found objects are superimposed upon the gestural painting. They create lines and symmetries which structure and attempt to control the underlying chaos. They also open new horizons made possible by the use of window frames and life rings.