Studio Orta - Designed for Life — Traces: Stories of Migration ⎟London

Designed for Life — Traces: Stories of Migration ⎟London

02 October 2023 - 19 January 2024
London College of Fashion (LCF), UK
Solo Exhibition

Traces: Stories of Migration, touring from the Nunnery Gallery, pays homage to the layers of history in London's East End. The work on exhibition at LCF East Bank, the University of the Arts London new campus in Stratford, East London unfolded through a two-year program of community workshops, engaging over 70 local residents who, each in their own way, identify as an immigrant. Participants involved have shared stories of their migratory journeys, describing the complexity of making a home in a city marked indelibly by mobility and constant change. These stories are visible in "Story Cloths" made by each participant, alongside the Portrait Gallery, a new body of work by Lucy Orta on display in the main gallery of Designed for Life.