Studio Orta - Antarctic Village - Works in Progress

Antarctic Village - Works in Progress

23 February 2008 - 29 March 2008
Motive Gallery, Amsterdam , Solo Exhibition

The artists second solo exhibition at Motive Gallery comprises a focus on the artists’ new work, presenting two projects that relate to two issues of great topical pertinence: Antarctic Village, which explores the notion of migration, territory and borders; and Fallujah, about the war atrocities in Iraq. 'Antarctic Village - No Borders' consists of the remnants of the artists' ephemeral village actually installed in Antarctica during Spring 2007. Their emblematic Dome Architectures and Drop-Parachutes bear hundreds of national flags and silkscreen inscriptions of a new amendment to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 13:3. This ambitious work-in-progress will also be the subject of an important exhibition at Hanger spazio d'arte in Milan commencing 8th April 2008.Warfare and its after-effects have always underlain the artistic endeavours of the artists. 'Fallujah', borrows its name from the Iraqi city, which in 2003 came to epitomize the violent fate of humanity in the face of military omnipotence - in this case, that of the American and allied powers during the invasion of Iraq. In the installation especially designed for the gallery, Lucy + Jorge Orta gather sculptures and wall drawings that form part of their attempt at providing a counter-memory of the Siege of Fallujah - one that draws attention towards its atrocities and the role of the media in shaping its official history.