Studio Orta - Peace Summit Award 2008

Peace Summit Award 2008

12 December 2008
Hotel de Ville Paris, Event

9th WORLD SUMMIT OF NOBEL PEACE LAUREATES, Paris 11-13 December 2008"Human rights and a World without violence". Each year the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates honour with the Peace Summit Award personalities selected within the culture and entertainment business who stand out in the defence of human rights and in the diffusion of the principles of Peace and solidarity in the world. During the ceremony at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, Bono was awarded Window on the World Antarctica by artists Lucy + Jorge Orta, depicting an image of the Antarctic continent from their series Antarctic Village No Borders symbolising a world free from violence. Courtesy of Galleria Continua.The Nobel Peace Laureates draw public attention to the young generation and nonviolence it is of utmost importance to turn our eyes to the problems of Human Rights. Without such rights violence, poverty, lack of resources will thrive and will impede us to ensure a future of a long-lasting peace throughout the planet Earth.The 9th Summit proposes to touch upon the following questions: how can we build peace through the safeguard of human rights, what are the strategies to affirm the universalism of the fundamental rights, how to ensure the defence of individual rights in today’s world, how to foster the establishment of the democratic values worldwide and finally, how to make rights concrete by eliminating social and financial inequalities among people in our societies. The Summit will represent an opportunity for the Nobel Peace Laureates to elaborate strategies of international policies, which shall be implemented to ensure a real observance of the principles, reflected in the Declaration.