Un Sentiero per il Pollino

Date: 2022
Matériaux: Single screen projection
Dimensions: Projection ratio 16:9. Duration 27'28
Exhibition history: 2022 Museo della Scultura Contemporanea, Matera, Italy
Courtesy: Arte Pollino, Italy

Un Sentiero per il Pollino brings together three-days of performative actions by artists Lucy +Jorge  Orta, in the National Park of Pollino, Italy. The physical action of walking intersects with a metaphorical journey into the recesses of contemporary issues our world is facing: war, displacement, deforestation. In the artists' words, “Amongst of multitude of paths and journeys there is the most complex and tortuous one that confronts nature with the brutal activity of humans.” A Gestural Poem, a Silent Scream, Tactile Poetry and the Good Shepherd are relief mechanisms to confront today's reality and to overcome anger and despair.