Un Sentiero per il Pollino

Date: 2022
Materials: Single screen projection
Dimensions: Projection ratio 16:9. Duration 27'28
Exhibition history: 2022 Museo della Scultura Contemporanea, Matera, Italy
Courtesy: Arte Pollino, Italy

"Un Sentiero per il Pollino" brings together three-days of performance in the Pollino National Park, Italy. The physical action of walking intersects with a metaphorical journey into the recesses of contemporary issues the world is facing: war, displacement, deforestation. In the artists' words, “Amongst of multitude of paths and journeys there is the most complex and tortuous one that confronts nature with the brutal activity of humans.” The performances titled, Gestural Poem, Silent Scream, Tactile Poetry and The Good Shepherd are relief mechanisms to confront today's reality and to overcome anger and despair.